Warren Farm, Warren, SA71 5HS

The challenge

One 8 year old boy with spina bifida, 8 teams to carry him in relay, & 186 miles of the fabulous Pembrokeshire Coast Path – it’s the 2017 Delton Challenge!

What is the 2017 Delton Challenge?

Delton is a very cheeky 8 year old boy with spina bifida from Pembroke. Although he lives in wonderful Pembrokeshire, his disability means that it’s difficult for him & his family to enjoy the beaches and walks that the rest of us take for granted.

The 2017 Delton Challenge is aimed at giving Delton the experience of a lifetime, whilst saying a little thank you to organisations who have helped him survive and thrive this far.

We’ll be walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path over a series of 8 weekends, accompanied by a different team each weekend. Each team will take a share in helping carrying Delton (who has no feeling or use below his waist) all 186 miles of the Coast Path. And it’s not just the length that will be a challenge – there’s more ascent on the Path than climbing Everest!

Become a walker: join or lead a team

We’ll need 8 teams of walkers to take it in turns to carry him (in a baby carrier; he’s 22kg and has no feeling/use below the waist) as they do a section over a weekend during May, June & July 2017. Accommodation at Warren Farm is included (assuming a minimum amount of sponsorship pledged) for teams that need it. Wherever we can, we’ll arrange transport to & from the stages, though we recommend arranging a hire van to bring your team to Pembrokeshire if at all possible.

Volunteer to walk on the Delton Challenge Facebook Group.

Become a supporter

We’re organising the Delton Challenge around our day jobs, normal life and training for the walk itself: it’s quite  a task to keep on top of. Advice or offers of help with planning, publicity or encouraging sponsorship and the like would be wonderful. Or perhaps you can help ferry walkers to or from a walk?

Offer your help on the Delton Challenge Facebook Group.

Become a sponsor

You can sponsor specific Delton Challenge teams via their team page using the menu on the right, including the main crew: Team Delton.

Let us know via the Delton Challenge Facebook Group if you’re a local business or individual who would like to support us in more practical ways. We’d be grateful for any excuse for a pause along the way for refreshments! We’re also in need of the following:

  • Baby carrier or sling capable of carrying more than 22kg . We’d like to have a couple of different styles, so that Delton isn’t stuck in the same position all the time
  • Walking poles. We’ll be extra top heavy when we’re carrying Delton, and the Path can be treacherous in places
  • Walking shoes & socks for the main team. We’re expecting to wear through ours very quickly
  • Logo design – something clear, simple & relevant to help us get our message across
  • Photos we can use on this site, especially of the Coast Path that we can use on our Stages pages. We’re very happy to credit sources but recommend that you embed your details in the image in case they are shared
  • Printing of T-shirts and other clothing, so people passing us on the path know what we’re up to
  • Suncream. We’ll be out in all weather and Delton has quite sensitive skin
  • Local produce. Help us feed our walkers whilst they’re visiting Pembrokeshire. Anything suitable for breakfasts, packed lunches or dinners would go down a treat