Warren Farm, Warren, SA71 5HS

Team LLA

Team LLA are a group of friends and family originally from London. They used to visit Pembrokeshire regularly but haven’t been for a while. They’re a little daunted by the walk, but looking forward to having an excuse to head west.

Team Lesbian Land Army summed up are a group of friends (and one daughter) from their youthful days growing up in Battersea with heaps of attitude, mischief and way too much fun, nearly 40 years on and not too much has changed except a few wrinkles here and there. The nickname Lesbian Land Army (or LLA for short) was given to them in jest but they loved it, embraced it and it stuck

Team LLA are joining forces with Team London to walk Weekend 4  on the 3 & 4 June, walking the 9 miles between Milford Haven and Dale, and the 11 miles from Dale to Martin’s Haven.

Team LLA are Lisa, Sidney, Alfie, Elaine, Theresa and Trev.

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