Warren Farm, Warren, SA71 5HS

Weekend 1 (6 & 7 May) with overall difficulty: 111

Start at Amroth on 6 May at 9am, and walk 11 miles to Penally


We’re aiming to start this stage around 9am on Saturday 6 May, to benefit from the low tide so that we can walk all the way from Amroth to Saundersfoot along the beach as a gentle start to the Challenge.

The woodland section that takes us around Giltar Point between Saundersfoot and Tenby should be full of bluebells and violets and is one of the few wooded parts along the coast path. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most vertically challenging sections, particularly the long slog up a seemingly never-ending hill into Tenby.

Like most of the south coast part of the path, this section of coast path also affords great views across to Caldey Island and further afield to the Gower and Devon on a really clear day.

The route

  • We’re aiming to walk along the beach to Saundersfoot, but if we can’t we’ll climb a moderate hill out of Amroth to Wiseman’s Bridge (toilets & pub) and then take the level old tramway through the tunnels into Saundersfoot
  • Proceed round the harbour, onto Glen Beach & up an easy hill. Unfortunately we’ll miss the beach to Monkstone Beach as there’s no easy access back up to the Coast Path from there, but will peek down at it from the path
  • From Saundersfoot, we’ll follow the undulating wooded path all the way to Tenby, with a steepish drop down to Lodge Valley & moderate climb back to the other side, and a steepish climb out of the next valley at Waterwynch
  • We’ll probably walk through Tenby town centre & along The Esplanade to enjoy the view, but may choose to head down to Castle Beach and walk round to South Beach depending on the tide
  • From there, we’ll walk the length of South Beach until we cut inland to the railway station, and the end of our first day’s walk


Time Height Range m ft Time Height Range m ft Time Height Range m ft Time Height Range m ft
6 Sat
02:46 5.88 19.3 3.78 12.4 09:20 1.79 5.9 4.09 13.4 15:22 5.88 19.3 4.09 13.4 21:42 1.80 5.9 4.08 13.4


Amroth to Saundersfoot : 4 miles, (6.4 km)  
Saundersfoot to Tenby : 4 miles, (6.4 km)  
[Through or around Tenby] : 1 mile, (1.6 km)  
South Cliff Tenby to Valleyfield Top : 2 miles, (3.2 km)  

Overall difficulty: 41

Start at Penally station on 7 May at 9.30am, and walk 12 miles to Stackpole Quay


Day 2 is a very scenic and varied walk that takes in some of Pembrokeshire’s most remarkable beaches and some historical sites:

We’re starting out at Penally Camp, notable for the practice trenches dug by trainee soldiers preparing for WWI.

The Kings Quoit, on the path just before you get to Manorbier, is an ancient burial chamber and of course there’s Manorbier castle itself.

Between Freshwater East and Stackpole Quay, there’s the headland fort of Greenala.

The gradients on this section aren’t too taxing, but it’s strenuous nonetheless.

The route

  • We’ll start at Penally station, heading towards Giltar Point and our closest brush with Caldey Island
  • Take the easy hill at the end & level cliff top to Lydstep and through the caravan park to the moderate tarmac hill on the far side
  • Take a rough track on right for Lydstep village
  • After half a mile take a detour down steps on the left, down a dry valley. It leads to a superb low-tide beach with caves.
  • Back on the path, continue west past the Youth Hostel and inaccessible Skrinkle Haven.
  • The path detours around Manorbier camp but is well signed.
  • Continue to Manorbier beach past the Neolithic burial chamber of King’s Quoit.
  • The moderately strenuous path continues up & down to the isolated Swanlake Bay and then on to Freshwater East (cafe, restaurant and toilets).
  • It’s possible to scramble down to the beach at its eastern end of Fresh’ East if the tide is out.
  • Head for the slipway, along the road for a few feet and along a wooded path back onto the cliff top.
  • A reasonably level path continues to Stackpole Quay (cafe & toilets).
  • Our walk ends at Stackpole Quay, but if we have the time and energy, we may finish off the weekend with a barbeque at beautiful nearby Barafundle


Time Height Range m ft Time Height Range m ft Time Height Range m ft Time Height Range m ft
7 Sun
03:46 6.17 20.2 4.37 14.3 10:12 1.53 5.0 4.64 15.2 16:14 6.20 20.4 4.67 15.3 22:30 1.52 5.0 4.68 15.4


Penally. to Lydstep : 2 miles, (3.2 km)  
Lydstep Beach. to Skrinkle : 1 mile, (1.6 km)  
Skinkle to Manorbier : 2 miles, (3.2 km)  
Manorbier to Freshwater East : 3 miles, (4.8 km)  
Freshwater East Beach : 1 mile, (1.6 km)  
Freshwater East. to Stackpole Quay : 3 miles, (4.8 km)  

Overall difficulty: 70

[Text paraphrased from the Visit Pembrokeshire and  PCNPA websites and various Coast Path guidebooks.]