Warren Farm, Warren, SA71 5HS

Weekend 3 (20 & 21 May) with overall difficulty: 84

Starting at Angle on 20 May at 9.30am and walking 11 miles to Pembroke


This stage is easy walking and mostly on the flat. From Angle the path skirts East Angle bay, numerous estuarine inlets and sheltered bays which are a haven for wildlife, so bring your binoculars and a bird book.

The route then takes in the industrial side of Pembrokeshire, past the refineries and finally meanders alongside the Pembroke River and into the town.

The finale to this stage has to be Pembroke Castle. This magnificent castle dominates the town and is the birth place of Henry VII and the Tudor dynasty.

The route

  • We will start at the bridge near the Tower House, a medieval fortified tower and walk along a superb tree lined lane that hugs the edge of East Angle Bay
  • Continue on the path, through the woods, when the road runs out. While we’re walking round the bay, keep an eye out for curlews and other waders
  • On the far side of the bay, we will meet another tarmac lane that continues round to the Valero refinery, which may feel incongruous amongst such lush countryside, but it’s fascinating nonetheless
  • After Kilpaison, we will pass Fort Popton, built to protect the Royal Navy port at Pembroke Dock in Napoleonic times
  • The path now heads a little inland past Pwllcrochan Church, where we may stop for a break amongst the boardwalks
  • The path now meanders round the edge of the estuary, partly on and partly off the road until we reach Pembroke, with its magnificent castle.


Time Height Range m ft Time Height Range m ft Time Height Range m ft Time Height Range m ft
20 Sat
00:21 5.46 17.9 2.92 9.6 06:53 2.32 7.6 3.14 10.3 13:00 5.33 17.5 3.01 9.9 19:27 2.40 7.9 2.92 9.6


Angle Village to Fort Popton : 4 miles, (6.4 km)  
Fort Popton to Pwllcrochan : 2 miles, (3.2 km)  
Pwllcrochan to Quoits Mill : 5 miles, (8 km)  
Quoit’s Mill to Pembroke : 1 mile, (1.6 km)  

Overall difficulty: 55

Starting at Pembroke on 21 May at 9.00am and walking 14 miles to Milford Haven


Many coast path walkers mistakenly bypass this section, thinking it’s too built up. It may be different in character to the wilder parts of the Coast Path but it’s surprisingly fascinating, with plenty of interest en-route. On the plus side there aren’t any serious gradients.

The stage through Pembroke Dock takes in the old naval dockyard and the Martello Tower built to defend it and then onto the Cleddau Bridge for some amazing views of the estuary; east to Burton and Lawrenny and west to Milford Haven.

Back on the edge of the water the path heads through Neyland and Llandstadwell before reaching Milford Haven and its marina.

The route

  • We will start by skirting the mill pond around Pembroke Castle, before following Pembroke River to Pennar and down to the old naval dockyard, birthplace of all but one of the Royal Yachts as well as the Millennium Falcon
  • We’ll skirt the Dockyard Wall , passing a Martello Tower, built to defend the docks in Napoleonic times
  • Next, we’ll walk through Llanion until we reach the bridge over the Cleddau. There are amazing views as we cross the river, including the former berth of HMS Warrior, below the wooded bank just up river
  • After crossing the bridge, we will continue along the main road and over the next bridge, before taking a tiny wooded footpath down into Neyland
  • We’ll walk along the water’s edge through Neyland and Llanstadwell, and along under the refinery
  • We’ll skirt inland a little around Castle Pill before emerging onto The Rath, a fine promenade with superb views over the Haven
  • We’ll finish our walk at the marina before we’re welcomed to Milford Haven by the incoming Mayor


Time Height Range m ft Time Height Range m ft Time Height Range m ft Time Height Range m ft
21 Sun
01:37 5.64 18.5 3.24 10.6 08:07 2.05 6.7 3.59 11.8 14:14 5.64 18.5 3.59 11.8 20:39 2.05 6.7 3.58 11.8


Pembroke to Pembroke Dock : 2 miles, (3.2 km)   
[Neyland through Pembroke Dock] : 4 miles, (6.4 km)   
Neyland to Hazelbeach : 2 miles, (3.2 km)  
Hazelbeach to Venn Farm : 3 miles, (4.8 km)  
Venn Farm to Gelliswick : 3 miles, (4.8 km)  

Overall difficulty: 29

[Text paraphrased from the Visit Pembrokeshire and  PCNPA websites and various Coast Path guidebooks.]