Warren Farm, Warren, SA71 5HS

The support team

Our fabulous support team will be making sure that everything goes smoothly before the walk and on the day. They will also be helping galvanise our local business and individual sponsors.

  • Annette is Delton’s grandmother. She doesn’t live locally, but will be lending a hand in whatever way she can. She thinks this is a brilliant endeavour!
  • Kelly is a close family member. She’ll try to walk bits of the Path, even though she is disabled herself, but will mostly help make sure the walking teams have enough water, food and moral support.
  • Jane is Hannah’s mum. She’s in charge of support on the day, driving to meet the walkers at key points to make sure they have everything they need.
  • Jenn is a chef who has worked at many restaurants and pubs locally. She is putting her experience to good use by networking with all her contacts to help the team get fed and watered as much as possible along the route.
  • Gaynor is a family friend who has volunteered to help with communications. She will be contacting sponsors and keeping our Facebook group and this website up to date. She’s also planning on joining us for as much of the walk as she can.

Sponsor Team Delton