Warren Farm, Warren, SA71 5HS

The teams

We’re seeking 8 teams of walkers to take it in turns to carry a certain special young man with spina bifida (in a baby carrier; he’s 23kg and has no feeling/use below the waist) as they do a section over a weekend during May & June 2017. Accommodation in the bunkhouse at Warren Farm is included (assuming a minimum amount of sponsorship pledged) for groups that need it.

Contact us via our Facebook Group if you’d like to volunteer to join or lead a team.

So far, we have:

  1. Team DMW
  2. Team Leeds
  3. Team London
  4. Team LLA
  5. Team Trehale

But we still need another three….

We also have our core Team Delton and our fabulous Support Team.

The recommended minimum is 6 for a team, though the bunkhouse at Warren Farm sleeps up to 12. But you’ll be carrying Delton in relay, so the more, the better.
Wherever we can, we’ll arrange transport to & from the stages, though we recommend arranging a hire van to bring your team to Pembrokeshire if at all possible.
We’re also on the case to persuade local businesses to help with refreshments for walkers.


Overall, we estimate that at least 60 people will be walking the Delton Challenge. Contact us via our Facebook Group to be part of the 2017 Delton Challenge!